Saturday, 11 July 2015

How to change the module name in VBA / Edit Module Name In VBA

You might have noticed that when you create a module, VBA allocates a default name (Module1, Module2, so on).

It would be a professional look to your code if you change the module names as per the code inside.

We can change the default name of a module by following very simple steps below.

See the steps in a short video below :


1. Open your project in VBE (ALT + F11)

2. Select the Module from your project explorer.

3. You can see the Name property of the selected module in the properties panel.

4. Edit the name and give the name as you wish.

Notes :

-:- If project Explorer not visible, press CTRL + R

-:- If properties window is not visible, press F4 to make it visible.

-:- The naming criteria is subject to VBA's naming parameters.