Saturday, 5 May 2018

Trick to stop UiPath Robot while running | Break the robot in middle | shortcut to stop UiPath robot

Hi Guys,

When you are doing the test runs of your robots during development, it's really important to know various methods to stop the robot in middle when you feel like there is something going on wrong.

It helps you to save your testing time and also to stop the robot in making big mistakes which cannot be reverted.

Let's see what all the options UiPath provides to break a running robot.

I explained this topic in short video below.

There are 4 ways to do it.

  • First method is by clicking on the stop button available at the task bar of your desktop which is available when you hover your mouse on the uipath studio. You can also click on the close button of the robot executor which appears next to your Uipath studio.

  • Second method is by pressing F12 from U i Path studio. You have to activate the Uipath studio and press F12 button.You can also click on the stop button available in U i path studio.

The first and second options are provided by U i Path themselves.

Sometimes you work on projects which has lot of activities including clicks or typetext where robot takes the control of your mouse quite often.

On such cases, you would not get enough time to click on the stop button or to activate the uipath studio to press F12.

Then you have to find your own ways to stop the robot.

  • One good trick to stop a robot is by closing the active window on which robot is currently processing. You just need to press ALT + F4 to close the current window.

The robot will stop processing as the robot is not able to find the objects which are used in the current window.

But this method also not so great.

Sometimes your application would not stop by pressing the shortcut, it show another pop ups.

Also, if you are stopping the robot to review the progress which has gained in the current window, you cannot review the application.

So all three tricks which we discussed are not quite successful on various scenarios.

As you might be thinking, it would be great to have a global shortcut which can be used to stop the robot.

I found a trick to get this done.

In this method, we will create a script to stop the robot and assign a shortcut key to run the script 

whenever you want to stop the robot.

You can set up this by doing simple 5 steps.

1. Open Notepad, then enter the script which is shown in the video.

2. Save the notepad file to your drive with an extension .bat

Click here to download the script file if you need

3. Open the folder where you have saved your script file, then create a shortcut to your desktop.

4. Goto desktop, then open properties of your shortcut file

5. Assign a shortcut key and press apply.

Now your hotkey is ready. You can stop your robot by pressing this hotkey.

But remember to assign a shortcut key which is not used regularly in other applications, otherwise your script will not run when your press the hotkey.